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The Following Paintings Are For Sale - To purchase any of these available paintings please visit the eshop

All the paintings below are are sold unframed, if you would like them framed please contact the office to discuss your requirements 01670 760030 o0r email
Spring Sheep

Leisure Painter Magazine Article

Montecattini Alto 1



13.5" x 9.5"
Montecattini Alto 2



13" x 4.5"
Canal Boat

Med Port

30" x 20" Acrylic on canvas from the new book "Boats and Harbours in Acrylics"


The Following Paintings Have Been Sold
Oyster Catchers

40" x 30"


Framed (with glass)

Total Size 30" x 20"
Yorkshire Dales


Leisure Painter Magazine Article



The Glassblower



Ducks on Bamburgh Beach

Acrylic on canvas

Size 40" x 30"


Acrylics 30" x 20"
St Pauls


A Moody Druridge Bay


30" x 20" canvas







Horses on beach

Pheasants In Flight


Tonnerre Canal


View from Whittle


Pheasants Swiss Rowing Boats

The Streets of Paris Lakes Valleys

Frank On Ther Beach

Canal Boast France




Tall Ships

30" x 20" Acrylic on canvas from the new book "Boats and Harbours in Acrylics"

Druridhe Bay
Russia Icebreaker

French Canal - Watercolour


Pin Mill

Winter Hunt
Aldborough Ducks Flying
Urquart Castle on Loch Ness - Watercolour


Greek Harbour
Alnmouth Low Tide

30" x 20" Acrylic on canvas from the new book "Boats and Harbours in Acrylics"

30" x 20" Acrylic on canvas from the new book "Boats and Harbours in Acrylics"

Royal Opera House London


River Pagent

20" x 16" Acrylic on canvas from the new book "Boats and Harbours in Acrylics"

French Boatyard
Med Racer

30" x 20" Acrylic on canvas from the new book "Boats and Harbours in Acrylics"

Highland Croft


Isle of Mull

30" x 20" Acrylic on canvas from the new book "Boats and Harbours in Acrylics"

Urquart Castle on Loch Ness - Watercolour 13 x 12 inches Acklington Park - Acrylic On Canvas. 
Druridge Bay

Thatched Cottage

Pauls Church

St Andrew
Winter Acrylic

Dedham Highstreet
Garrons on the hill

Shire horse and foal Horses and foals
Lifeboats 6    
Cresswell Beach

Druridge Bay view towards Ellington
Lifeboats 6 Alnmouth



Lifeboat 5 Lifeboat 4
Lifeboat 2 Lifeboat 3
Coastline Cottage


Cavendish, Suffolk - Acrylic On Canvas 20 x 16 inches

RNLI commission North Charlton
Mare and foals Druridge Bay

Suffolk Autumnal Scene

Seahouses from the sea

Utah Desert.

Watercolour (Limited Edition Colours)
Highland Scene


Horse Racing Along Bamburgh Beach Loch Ness - Watercolour

19 x 10 inches

Dustanburgh Castle Scottish Moorland

30 x 20 inches

Belchamp St Paul, Acrylic on Canvas


Strathwich, Scotland Acrylic on Canvas


Great Waldringfield Acrylic on Canvas


Scottish Highlands 2 Watermill : Acrylic on Canvas Board
Scottish Highlands 1
Lindisfarne Castle (Acrylic)


Winter Mini 4
Winter Mini 1

Winter Mini 5

Winter Mini 3

Winter Mini 2

Durham Cathedral

Druridge Bay

Central Park 3

Up On The Moors Road To Lindisfarne

Image size 27" x 16"

Warkworth Castle
The Swan, Lavenham

Painted after the first Lavenham holiday, can you believe this is where we stayed.
Wallington Hall

St Mary Lighthouse Sunset



New York 2
Woodcock - Acrylic on canvas 

Pheasant 2 - Acrylic on canvas

Pheasant 1  - Acrylic on canvas
Moorland 1


Moorland 2 (Large Canvas)
Bamburgh Mini

Lindisfarne Castle
Boats Commission


Shepherds Track

Image size A3

Acrylic from Landscapes In Acrylics
Page 32


The Perfect Village Scene
Shire Horses At Work
St Mary Lighthouse
St Mary's Lighthouse Mini
Blanchland, Northumberland
Bamburgh Mini
Beadnell Bay Mini
Robins Hoods Bay

Dunstanburgh Castle Mini
Central Park 2, New York
Morwick Hall

Filmed for a new DVD
Central Park, New York Warkworth Castle Mini

Manhattan Island, New York

One Off Painting, Wont ever be repeated! 

Road To Lindisfarne Mini

Image Size 2.5" x 2.5"

Newton On The Moor

New York 1
One Off Paintings, Wont ever be repeated! 
Acklington Winter 2009 Stable Girl

Image size A3

Acrylic from Landscapes In Acrylics
Page 3
North Shieds Fish Quay Snowdon

Part of new book,
"Boats & Harbours"

Image size 16.5" X 12"


The price includes framing and postage.
Winter Horses
Long Melford, Taken from Charlies sketchbook.

St Ives

Part of new book,
"Boats & Harbours"

Winter Farm House Cove, Scottish Borders
Scottish Fishing Boats Thatch Cottage

First fishing painting.

This is my first fishing commission done for a presentation to a fishing group.
The Cook & Barker, Newton On The Moor, Northumberland
Bamburgh Beach
Road To Lindisfarne 2
Alnmouth Estuary

Part of new book,
"Boats & Harbours"

Welsh Yachts

Part of new book,
"Boats & Harbours"
Eyemouth Harbour

This painting was based on some very old photographs of Eyemouth, which is why there is a very old feel about the harbour.
Mallard Duck (Oil)

France France May 2008 : Ribecourt Canal
Pin Mill

Part of new book,
"Boats & Harbours"
Hastings Beach

Part of new book,
"Boats & Harbours"


Horse and Cart

Pheasants 3

Leading to Rocamadour

Part of the June 2006 French holiday
Bamburgh 4

Northumberland Farm 1 Dunstanburgh 5
St Mary's Lighthouse
Bothal Castle 2
House commision Acklington Early Spring
Norfolk Lighthouse
Black Labrador... The perfect gundog.
Moorland - Miniature

Dunstanburgh - Miniature
Northumberland Coble at Holy Island
Country Lane - Miniature
Elsdon, Northumberland Moorland Scene
Evening Near Kilkiea, Ireland.

Lake Como 1
Hadrian's Wall
Snow Scene 07.
Warkworth - Miniature


Newcastle & Gateshead Quayside
Hotel Florentine, Lake Como, Italy.
Partridges 4

Shirehorses Shipyard

A fabulous new addition to the gallery.


Farmhouse nr Hickling, Norfolk


Emmerdale - Miniature
The Road To Lindisfarne
French Riverside Walk

Warkworth Caste (Oil)
Robin Hoods Bay 2

Another view of Robin Hoods Bay

Lake Como 2

Spaniel Walk
Walking to Lindisfarne

Mini Lindisfarne

Superb little miniatures some of our most famous castles, but each one mounted and framed very large.

Mini Bamburgh

Superb little miniatures some of our most famous castles, but each one mounted and framed very large.

Mini Dunstanburgh

Superb little miniatures some of our most famous castles, but each one mounted and framed very large.

Druridge Bay 4

Partridges 3

Part of my game bird collection.

Castle Combe :Wiltshire Robin Hoods Bay
Cold Harbour Marsh
Partridges 2
A house in Essex (commission) Pheasants
Bothal Castle, near Morpeth Northumberland.



Dunstanburgh 4

Here is an oil painting of a scene in Norfolk, It was painted from my sketch book on location.

Dunstanburgh 3 Holy Island 2
Beadnell Bay 3 This is eh view from the sand flats over to Lindisfarne.
Old Barn watercolour

A Norfolk Wherry  (Oil)
Warkworth Castle



Bamburgh from my favourite viewpoint.
Acklington Village

The 2007 Christmas Card
Beadnell Bay 2
Dunstanburgh (Watercolour)

Dry Dock, Holy Island

Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire
Durham Castle & Cathedral

Coquet Island, Northumberland

Northumberland Coastal Scene at Druridge Bay

Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island

Wide thin landscape painting.
Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island

And another larger painting.
Lucca - watercolour


Winter Scene 
Classic Craster Northumberland

This is a painting of Tynemouth Station.

This painting was done on location for one of the Tyne Tees TV programme
Coniston Water Acrylic

Cows at Morwick Farm, Northumberland

Watercolour & Acrylic
Coniston Water - watercolour


Becalmed Clipper (Oil)

Beadnell Bay Low Tide



Winter Scene

Again another scene from our projects page. This one is a lovely winter scene

St Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Lindisfarne Castle

Walking To Dunstanburgh

Beadnell Bay (Northumberland)


Loch Ranza, in Scotland., Beautiful big open scene with a massive great sky, and just one tiny focal point. the castle in the distance. Notice how the big in the foreground although its foreground I've put it slightly out of focus so that the eye is not stopped from going into the painting.


This is a scene called Stodmarsh Thanet in Kent.  I love this scene a typical Kent one, Big sky and a joy to do. And it doesn't take that long either. But notice the strength and contrast of colours.

Oxfordshire Lane

One of the main projects of the best selling book, Quick and Clever Watercolours. This is the original.

Druridge BAY Sand Dunes


This one is just a collection of boats tied up at the side of Lake Coniston. I particularly liked the reflections and shadows and the light coming from the top.


Bamburgh (Watercolour)


Filmed on location as  TV programme


Cragside, Rothbury, Northumberland.

This painting was originally a watercolour pencil sketch which I later developed in watercolour painting project for Leisure Painter magazine.  The project will be available in our projects section later in the year.
Isle Of Lewis


Morwick Gardens


Tuscany 1 Autumnal Scene

This one is featured in the projects section.
This painting is of Norfolk during a memorable stay at the Blakeney Hotel.
Tuscany 2
Dunstanburgh Castle (Oil)

This was the first one in the new oils book. A very quick and easy whack it on painting done on canvas panel. Just to show how easily it can be done.


This is a commission I did for Lord and Lady Meath of their lovely home in Dublin.

This one was inspired by the 2 prints that went on sale at the Tall Ship Race in Newcastle. As you can probably guess, I caught the bug.  This one is on a very large canvas in oils.

One of the paintings that was sold as a print at the Tall Ship Race. This one is an oil One of the paintings that was sold as a print at the Tall Ship Race. This one is a watercolour.


The mother of all paintings : It doesn't get much more complex than this, but if you examine it closely you will see that things like the houses of parliament are just a load of blocks and blobs, don't fiddle with tiny brushes.


A typical lovely English pastoral scene. what more can I say about this it sums up my kind of country and even though it looks a very summery scene note the strength of  the colour in the water.

Druridge Bay, Northumberland

Oil (90cm x 60cm)

One of my favourites, typical Suffolk boat scene lovely white buildings not too much going on in the sky, but it has a warm clean appeal.

Winter Wonderland.

Oil (36" 26")


Now who says painting nude study has to be difficult I am not a doctor, and done know all the muscle tones and bones structure of the body treat it like  landscape hills, bumps mounds and various curvaceous bits and its a joy to paint and this one didn't take long at all. Entitled "The Stretch"

This painting is of Cley Mill near Blakeney on North Norfolk coast.




(Oil 36" x 26")

Lake Scene

Oil (90cm x 60cm)
Venice Oil

Oil (90cm x 60cm)
Bamburgh Castle

Oil (50cm x 40cm)
Christmas Card scene 2003
Killhope, Northumberland Moorland Scene
Farm Cottage, Elsdon, Northumberland. Blakeney Hotel, Blakeney, Norfolk
Autumn in a City Park, Newcastle. Northumbrian Field

(Oil 36" x 26")

Northumbrian Burn:

(Oil 36" x 26")

Northumberland Beach

(Oil 36" x 26")

St Pauls from Gabriel's Wharf : - A particularly nice view, simplified somewhat in order to capture the main focal point. I liked the way the light caught the buildings casting good strong shadows. This is a Norfolk dyke at twilight. The sketch was done in the daylight and I used artistic license to create what turned out  be a fairly atmospheric painting.
This is near Wheatley in Oxfordshire. I did this in a spare day I had between two shows last year. I think it sums up the area beautifully. This is the gateway to the back of Durham Cathedral. I suppose I could have done the cathedral but that would have been boring. This was a lovely intimate little view and again was one of the TV programs.  
This was done on one of the Devon holidays last year. It is of Salcolme and it reminded me of the south of France.   This one I did because quite simply, this is where I'd like to be. For a change not watercolour but acrylic painted as an oil on canvas panel.
This is James Herriot's house, the place where the famous books were written.  The picture was done as one of my painting programs on Tyne Tees TV and it was a desperately cold day. The last one done on the Spanish painting holiday, this is the beach to Rioja. A beautiful warm day with a hazy distance.  
I love this one, it's of Girvan on the west coast of Scotland.  I saw this view as I was traveling to a venue to do a workshop held in the little white buildings in the distance. A beautiful English scene with the girls inserted just for a focal point. Obviously they weren't there, again acrylic on canvas panel.
Whilst on a painting holiday in Northumberland last year the three boats were sitting particularly well in a harbour in Beadnel. There were lots of harbour walls and all kinds of gubbins around them but I chose to focus on the boats. This is just at the back of the Lodge Hotel done on one of the Devon painting holidays last year.
Again the Spanish painting holiday, and I was just interested in the intense light and shadow on the rocks. This painting was done whilst on a Saga holiday in Spain in January 2002.  This little village high in the hills is called Felix.  It was particularly nice to feel the warmth on your face in the middle of January
This is St. Peters Basin in the heart of Newcastle. Not many people realise it is there. Again it was for one of the TV programs and the water was practically frozen in my bucket as I painted. So you could say I suffered for my art. This is the harbour at Almeria, which again was from the same Spanish painting holiday. It was a beautiful day and the rocks in the distance practically glowed.

This painting is of the Sierra Nevada's and was again executed on the same holiday in Spain. The wind was blowing so hard that one of the holiday makers had to hold down my easel while I painted fast and furious.


Again from the Spanish painting holiday. The valley is known as the valley of the pyramids, because of the pyramid shaped hills going off into the distance. I liked this one because it looked old even as I was doing it.